Bone granules
Bone granules
Osteoplastic matrix in the form of granules of different sizes and volumes. Natural osteoplastic material. A mixture based on spongy and cortical bone tissue with collagen to fill in bone defects of vertebral bodies.

Small granules are designed to fill small defects, complex narrow areas or to fill large defects in combination with other materials. Medium-sized granules are mainly used for filling medium and large cavities. After implantation, a bimodal porous structure is formed (an open porous structure with a pore size of 200-500 μm for sprouting into the material of bone cells and vessels, and micropores less than 100 μm for interstitial body fluids) of bone tissue.

The rate of resorption depends on the properties of the receiving patient and can range from 6 to 16 months, which corresponds to the rate of physiological replacement of the defect.

The size of granules from 1 to 4 mm allows you to fill in defects of complex shape as effectively as possible, since smaller granules are able to fill all difficult terrain areas, providing maximum contact with the recipient's bone, and larger granules maintain the required volume of the matrix. In addition the combination of spongy bone granules with cortical, which has a different rate of resorption, allows for good angiogenesis process.

Graft after implantation retains the necessary strength and volume, later being rebuilt into bone tissue. This eliminates the "shrinkage" of the regenerate. The matrix in the form of granules consists of separate fractions of the spongy and cortical layer of bone, which provides both a pronounced osteoconductive effect and background osteoinductive properties. The presence of cortical granules in the product ensures long term preservation of volume and seals the defect.
Indications for use
  • Filling in bone defects
  • Strengthening of metal structures
Convenient package
The product is available in a convenient form for the doctor – a double sterile blister pack, the inner blister of which serves as a tray for preoperative preparation of the material.