Biological implant "Cardioplant"
The biological implant is made on the basis of a xenopericardial plate. Microperforation has openings for the outflow of exudate. The implant acts as a matrix for colonizing the recipient's cells, is transformed into its own healthy tissues and is metabolized according to the laws of natural processes. The implant is absolutely biologically-compatible.

It is supplied in a specially developed preservative solution that does not require long-term washing. The implant is resistant to tissue and bacterial enzymes. The dense elastic structure provides reliable strengthening of soft tissues without deformations and resorption. The biological material from which the implant is made is superior to foreign analogues in terms of strength and elasticity and is an excellent alternative to the use of medical devices in the framework of import substitution programs. For convenience, the delivery set includes sterile accessories - a bath for rinsing and a disposable tweezer.
Indications for use
  • surgical treatment of obesity
  • sleeve gastroplasty
Sleeve gastroplasty or laparoscopic gastric resection (Sleeve Gastrectomy). Today, sleeve gastroplasty is a new and popular method of surgical treatment of obesity. Sleeve gastroplasty is indicated for patients with a body mass index of 45-50. Laparoscopic gastric resection consists in the formation of a narrow gastric "sleeve" to obstruct the passage of solid food in the area from the esophagus to the antral (final) part of the stomach. Technically, the operation is performed laparoscopically through 5 punctures of 1 cm. A gastric tube with a diameter of 2-3 cm is formed with the help of a cross-linking device, the volume of the stomach is 200-300 ml. As a result of the operation, food does not stay in the stomach tube for a long time, a feeling of satiety quickly occurs, there is no painful feeling of hunger, there is no need to follow a strict diet. The technique occupies an intermediate position between banding and shunting. Collagen implants are used when re-surgery is necessary after sleeve gastroplasty, if there is a loss of elasticity of the stomach walls and as a result, the feeling of satiety fades during the meal, as well as the appearance of heartburn. During the operation, the implant is fixed around the upper part of the stomach. This allows to strengthen its walls and return a quick feeling of satiety, to level out heartburn. In the postoperative period, patients noted the disappearance of heartburn and the rapid onset of a feeling of satiety, which contributes to subsequent weight loss.

The project for the scientific development of requirements for the biological implant "Cardioplant" for sleeve gastroplasty was led by a group of experienced doctors of the Clinical center for weight and metabolic disorders surgery — Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor, Baritaric Surgeon Vadim Viktorovich Fedenko and Doctor of Medical Sciences, Baritaric Surgeon Vladimir Viktorovich Evdoshenko.

For many years, the specialists of this clinical center prefer the biological implant "Cardioplant".
Processing of the implant
A unique patented method of chemical-enzymatic processing of raw materials for the manufacture of implants allows to completely destroy and remove from the tissue cellular elements and glycosaminoglycans of the intercellular substance as the main carriers of antigenicity. Processed biological tissue, devoid of cells and species specificity, has excellent biologically-compatible properties. The implant acts as a matrix for settling recipient cells, vascularizing and transforming into its own healthy tissues and metabolizing according to the laws of natural processes.
Delivery set
The patch is delivered in a convenient individual (double sterile) package. The delivery set includes a single-use sterile tweezers and a single-use sterile bath for rinsing in saline solution. The necessary suture surgical material can be included in the delivery set at the customer's request.

The implant is delivered in a proprietary preservative solution that does not require long pre-operative preparation. The duration of rinsing in a sterile saline solution is 4 minutes.