Sponge block
A block-shaped matrix is a highly purified spongy substance in the form of blocks of different sizes. The treatment process preserves the collagen and mineral components, as well as the natural bimodal porous structure. The unique raw material processing technology makes the entire internal surface of the implant accessible. The material has pronounced osteoconductive properties and has a strength that allows it to withstand small loads, provided that there are metal fixators. After implantation they undergo physiological replacement with bone tissue. The replacement period is 6 – 12 months. It serves as a framework for osteogenesis. The blocks are easily modeled and drilled during implant placement. For best results it is recommended to fill the gaps of the bone defect between the block and the recipient bed with bone granules.
Unique in the product line are 5×5×5 mm blocks. This allows you to fill in a complex shape defect without excessive modeling. Preserving the natural system of bimodal pores without destruction allows to achieve a better flow of the regenerative process than when using only bone granules.
Indications for use
  • Filling in bone defects
  • Strengthening of metal structures