CUBE Collagen
Biomaterial for replacing bone defects, filling holes of removed teeth and periodontal defects. The highly purified spongy layer of bone tissue is fragmented into blocks of various sizes and partially demineralized. The treatment process preserves the collagen and mineral components, as well as the natural bimodal porous structure. The unique raw material processing technology makes the entire internal surface of the implant accessible. It combines osteoinductive and osteoconductive properties. After implantation they undergo physiological replacement with bone tissue (the period of replacement with bone tissue is 4-6 months). It serves as a framework for osteogenesis. It is easily modeled, which makes it possible to give the necessary shape for maximum contact with the patient's bone. The blocks are resistant to physical stress and can be easily drilled during implant placement.

Indications for use
  • GBR therapy (horizontal augmentation)
  • GBR therapy (vertical augmentation)