BioPLATE Matrix
BioPLATE Matrix membrane is a unique development in the line of products for dentistry. The product has no analogues on the Russian market. The membrane is a scaffold based on extracellular collagen matrix of the pig's small intestine submucosa (SIS). It contains type I and III collagen, elastin, glycosaminoglycans (heparin, chondroitin sulfate A) and proteoglycans (decorin, heparin-sulfate), which provide active adhesion, cell proliferation, migration and binding, regulation of the fibrillar structure of collagen and active angiogenesis.

Due to the presence of residual decorin, it does not form scars and adhesions, after implantation it is "populated with cells" of the recipient, and very quickly transforms into the surrounding tissue. It is a favorable matrix for cell population and growth. The manufacturing technology does not use synthetic or chemical cross-sectional intermolecular cross-linking.

It is used for healing periodontal defects, for augmentation of soft tissues, closing of a recession, increasing the area of keratinized gums. The strong structure of the product allows you to sew the membrane without breaks. Following hydration, the material is carefully adapted to the surface of the surgical field, while the material remains in place and does not migrate when the flap is closed.

The bioPLATE Matrix membrane is for real professionals.
Indications for use
  • Soft tissue augmentation
  • Vestibuloplasty
  • Periodontal operations
  • Reconstruction of keratinized gums
  • The change in biotype of tissue
  • Closure of defects of the hard and soft palate
  • The closure of a recession
  • Plastic surgery for gum recession in the area of teeth or implants
  • Closure of the Schneider membrane perforation
Unique biomaterial for the manufacture of the membrane
SIS (small intestine submucosa) is the submucosal base of the pig's small intestine. This material is gaining popularity among all manufacturers of implantable medical devices. Its promise and popularity is based on its unique properties. SIS-scaffold after "smart" processing contains two of the three main components necessary for tissue regeneration: matrix frame and biologically active components. After implantation of the SIS-product, the components provoke stimulation of the body's cells. This scaffold directs the patient's own tissues to regenerate and form healthy tissue.